Restoring the Gold Standard, what can you do?

While we are waiting for NESARA to be announced or for the Knights Templar riding down on a fiery chariot from the heavens raining Gold coins like the deluge from the Great Flood. There are a few practical steps that WE the American people can take to reign in the terror of the international bankers.

Stop using your checking account and credit cards. Bankers have the ability to amortize your electronic transactions or signature 9 times. That is if you make a deposit or take a loan of say $100; the bankers can loan out $900, which they make out of thin air. It is called the Mandrake mechanism, named after Mandrake the magician. I call it theft. Bankers steal from you every day while you are asleep and awake 24/7, around the clock. You get 4% a year on money that you give them; they then go out and create 9 times the original value and loan it to other people. I ask where is my cut?

What are the available stop-gap solutions to slow the theft of your earning power? Use U.S. Postal Money orders, gold/silver coins, barter, E-currency accounts such as; E-gold and E-bullion, or even Federal Reserve notes. The key is to cut the bankers out of the equations. Postal Money orders can be cashed at a check cashing facility or the Post Office. Paying cash directly for services, keeps the cash in circulation and out of the hands of the bankers.

Barter, well is self-explanatory. Using Gold and Silver is actual wealth accumulation, the value of your labour is retained and inflation is stopped dead cold. The true value of Gold and Silver has been repressed by the manipulation of the currency markets, but historically it is due for a correction. Gold will always right itself and fiat currency will always eventually collapse. The question is not if, but when?

Your job is to till the soil for the return of gold. Every check not written, every credit card not used is a reduction in the potential expansion of the Money supply done every day by Citibank or Chase. It not just the Fed who expands the money supply, your local bank the one that gave you the toaster oven does too as well. Tearing up your check book is sort of like re-cycling, it ultimately won’t solve the refuse problem but it does stem the tide of the crap that we create on a daily basis. It is what you can do now.